What is it:

A natural organic handmade soap made from Green tea, Coconut oil & Vitamin E  powered by Tea Tree essential oil.


What it does:

Powered by naturally rich antioxidants, this green tea-based body soap is an excellent weapon to combat inflammation. With these unique characteristics, it can help fight a number of skin disorders, giving more benefits for protection from free radicals. Purifying the skin, this soap gently exfoliates and helps eliminate dead and rough skin cells on the whole body. Additionally, you can veer away from excess oil and external pollutants that affect an unpleasant skin texture.


How to use:

Lather Green Tea Soap between hands with water, and apply generously to face and body. This soap is gentle enough to use every day.


Active Ingredients: 

Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Organic vegan coconut oil, glycerin, purified water,sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent) sorbitol (moisturizer) soybean protein (conditioner)


Weight: 90-100 grams

*All ingredients are safe, No SLS & SLES, No Gluten, No Paraben, NO artificial fragrance.

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