The legendary Skin Revolution Powder Mask line, well-known as “The Powder Secret” by its loyal patrons, brings a unique and powerful formula that has a combination of two trusted active ingredients, kaolin clay and arbutin, for lightening up the skin that results to a youthful-looking face. This mattifying mask purifies the pores and detoxifies skin through reducing excess oils on your face, with the following types: Bengkoang Powder Mask, Pearl Powder Mask, Collagen Powder Mask, and Bleat Milk Powder Mask.

Proven to be an effective beautifying element since the ancient days, kaolin clay cleanses the skin and can help improve skin issues like acnes and irritations. Arbutin, on the other hand, is a natural skin-lightening agent that prevents the production of melanin, thus, making your skin glow better.

Get a dramatically radiant skin through the brilliant mix of the natural variants from this revolutionary product that contains helpful nutrients and can make the skin look more healthy and fresh as dark smudges and acnes eventually get removed. This formulated mask has components responsible for skin strength, elasticity, nourishment, and neutralizing free radicals—resulting to a better look that brightens with a youthful appeal.

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