Get ready for a mini-spa event at the comforts of your home when you indulge yourself in the iconic Skin Revolution Body Scrub collection, inspired from the traditional ritual of Indonesian royalties back in the early times in preparation for their big wedding day. Lulur, the main component, is a purifying beauty agent that gives your skin a rich and creamy touch with exfoliating beads that are not harmful to the skin at all and will leave it soft and gently scented. It is made of a beautiful blend of rice, turmeric, sandalwood, jasmine flowers, and a hint of jasmine oil.

The body scrub assortment brings the following spa experiences—Aromatherapy with Lavender Body Scrub, Brightening Bengkoang Body Scrub, Exfoliating Bleat Milk Body Scrub, Rejuvenating Pearl Master Body Scrub, and Detoxifying Jasmine Essence Body Scrub.

Created with natural blends, this excellently effective beauty treatment is designed to gently buff away the dead skin. Its lavender content has a miraculous impact, as it promotes a healthier radiance and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties—which can fight bacteria that cause acne and common skin conditions. The additional bursts of bengkoang ingredient and goat’s milk keep the skin moisturised and hydrated. Each body scrub delivers 180% moisture boost that gives accurate results of plumper and naturally beautiful skin.

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