Skin Revolution “Dare to Bare” Challenge


Skin Revolution "Dare to Bare" Challenge


No Makeup is your New Makeup


Are you ready to go barefaced and without makeup on? Skin Revolution gives away exciting Beauty Kit to lucky winners of #daretobare #nomakeupselfie #nofilterbeauty


As Skin Revolution introduces the redefined concept of beauty—having a healthier and stronger skin, whatever your looks, skin tone, race origin, and social status is, DARE TO BARE CHALLENGE is here for all the truly beautiful women out there! This online challenge encourages women to be confident on their own natural skin and show to the world that real beauty glows from within.


True beauty means having the boldness and confidence from the state of your inner being, when happiness is naturally seen from your aura and the skin’s healthier and brighter glow follows. At Skin Revolution, using makeup is considered an excellent tool to add color to your face, as it enhances one’s total look. However, women should know that being beautiful is not only through sporting the best makeup hues and trends, but also even when wearing no makeup at all. Committing to do this Dare to Bare challenge gives every woman a chance to reveal their real beauty and to unveil their love and acceptance on their own skin.





  • Simply follow @skinrevolutionasia on Instagram, post a No Makeup and filter Selfie on Instagram, and tell us why you accepted the challenge and what is the definition of real beauty for you


  • Tag @skinrevolutionasia on the photo or comment, and put the hashtags #daretobare #nomakeupselfie #skinrevolutionasia
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