What it is:

An instant exfoliating cream based body scrub powered by Bengkoang Brightening essence.


What it does:

Traditionally used by Indonesian women, this bengkoang-based body scrub has a mineral composition and contains particles that regenerate the skin and remove dead skin. Excellent for brightening up the skin, bengkoang or turnip is an Asian fruit that prevents the signs of aging when absorbed by the skin. With the combination of water properties, natural moisture, and anti-inflammatory contents, this effective body scrub keeps the skin hydrated and helps eliminate acne issues. With the benefits of Vitamins B and C, this beneficial product protects the skin from free radicals, making it look more healthy and fresh.


How to use: 

Apply a small amount of the cream like scrub on your dry skin massage it in a circular motion, let it set for 1-2 minutes and start removing the dead skin. Rinse with water thoroughly.  Enjoy instant amazing result!

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