(Skin Revolution body scrub + body soap + moisturizing stick)

Skin Revolution brings you a moisture-packed set of bath time essentials for making it a luxurious experience ever!


  • Skin Revolution Coco Moisture Body Soap cleanses, moisturize and nourishes the skin for a more radiant look. The soap is gently enough to use every day.
  • Skin Revolution Body Scrub This cream-based body scrub has a purifying beauty agent that penetrates well in the skin and helps remove dead skin instantly and leaves your skin clean, soft and gently scented.
  • Skin Revolution Moisturizing Perfumed Body Stick. Luxurious combination of essential oil blends and natural butter ingredients, our Moisturizing Body Stick is perfect for improving skin texture and hydrating the inside. If you want to soften rough patches, this effective moisturizing stick literally melts into your skin and lets you absorb its natural agents.


How to use:

Body Soap: Start off by cleansing off your body with Skin Revolution Coco Moisture Soap with plain water to eliminate the dirt, lather and rinse then pat dry with a soft towel.

Body Scrub: Apply the cream-based body scrub to clean dry skin and let it penetrate well in your skin for about 3-5 minutes, then start massaging the skin to help you remove dead skin. You will instantly see the dead skin falling off, continue to remove all the dead skin. Rinse of with water or wet cloth.

Moisturizing Perfumed Stick: Roll on the moisturizing stick to parts where you feel it’s necessary to have smoother texture, especially on hands, feet, elbow.   Massage gently until it absorbs to skin.


We use high grade natural organic ingredients, No harmful ingredients, No artificial colorants and No preservative.

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