Perfect for the restless sleeper, the Skin Revolution Sleep Plus Kit, known as “The Good Night Trio”, is proven to provide a better night’s sleep with its Pillow Spray, Essential Oil Balm and Essential Oil Roller Blends. With the combination of essential oil blends that feature lavender, cedarwood, vertiver, and ylang ylang, this fast acting remedy has a positive effect on the body through stimulating and soothing. It relaxes the muscles, address aches, stiffness, inflammation, and boost circulation—resulting to a restful sleep.

The pillow spray and essential oils roller and Balm highlight the same ingredients that act as natural remedies to healthy sleep patterns. Moreover, the grapeseed oil is present in the roller product, which makes it a lot more effective. You can apply the pillow spray on the pillow at least two minutes before sleeping and let the pleasing aroma of natural essential oils help you relax and enjoy a stress-free night. You can apply the roller at the bottom of the feet, back of the ears, and rub through your hands. Another effective product is the essential oil-packed balm that can ease your mind and clear your head before and after sleeping. Apply it on your temples, lips, chest, and hands as well, which reduces tension on some stressed out parts of the body.

Remember that good skin begins with a good night’s sleep, as it helps remove toxins from your body and repair damage. Promoting sleep to follow faster, this amazing trio encourages and enhances sleep that will let you wake up on the next morning feeling energized and determined for the rest of the day.

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